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I´m living in  Slovenia in a small town Velenje. All my life I have been in contact with art, in my family and in the environment where I live, mainly because my father is a painter and a writer. I am sure this  defined my work, which is why I have been actively involved in painting and writing since elementary school years.
I joined to the associations on literary and paintings area, where I participate in the literary and art workshops and exhibitions. I exhibited paintings at group exhibitions together with my family members at Velenje Castle and several times in Villa Bianca (group exhibitions with association members DŠL), at the international exhibition “Zagreb Full Color”, and in Venice in the "Lido di Venezia" gallery, where I also received a certificate of excellence by the international jury.  Poems were published in various publications and I was in the finals of the national festival of young literature Urška 2022 and won a silver award. Part of my work is connected also with graphical design of books and a series of Proceedings of the “Murakon” international poetry festival. I’m very proud that my first book of poems “Golden poems” was published.
I enjoy when I have a brush and paints in my hand so that I can express my vision and feeling of everyday wonderful things. If there are no brushes and colors, the play of words in the poems tells my vision of the world.

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